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Welcome to This site is owned and operated by Myuhka’s Plumerias. Located in Orange County California, Myuhka’s Plumerias has been growing premium Hawaiian Plumerias since 1997. Our plants are sold exclusively at local fairs, shows, and events throughout Southern California. For more information about who we are, please see our About Us page. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (714) 478-8638.
puu kahea plumeria

Upcoming Events:

Jul 14 – Aug 13, 2017 | OC Fair (OC Fairgrounds – Costa Mesa, CA)



Plumeria Lei Vases for Sale:

3 different colors to choose from, $65 each. Contact Fernando at (714) 478-8638 to purchase!

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Plumeria Scented Candles:

For Plumeria scented candles and more please visit

Plumeria Planting Instructions for New Customers

PLUMERIA CARE Please read this whole page first and if you have any questions about plumeria call Fernando~714-478-8638. Watering Plumeria should be watered when their soil is completely dry.  Depending on the city you live in, if the temperature is 80 degrees or above you should water twice a week, 75 degrees and below once a […]

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Protected Content Now Openly Available!

We’ve opened our protected content up for everyone. You no longer need to a password to access our planting, rooting, and fertilizing instructions. We’re not sure how long we’ll leave this information available so take advantage while you can. It will be openly available at least for the duration of the 2011 OC Fair until […]

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Rooting Process for Plumeria Cuttings – New Customers

Plumeria Cuttings – Instructions Please read this entire page first and if you have any questions call Fernando at (714) 478-8638. Planting Insert cutting into cactus mix soil making sure that it is deep enough to stand sturdy but not touching the bottom of the pot. The pot should not be over-sized.  Press down on […]

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